What do you charge?
We do not have set prices. Instead we base our rates off the needs of each condo association. We have a lot of services and we customize a plan specifically for the association.
What is your availability?
We do not have set hours. We try to be available when you need us. However, we are only available for emergencies on Sunday.
Are you insured? Bonded?
Yes, we are insured and bonded.
Do you manage investment property?
Our main focus is Condo and Homeowners Assocations. This way we can keep up to date on any changes that would affect our associations. We may take on investment properties on a limited basis for our existing clients.
Do we have to use your contractors?
No, however, we may be able to offer you better pricing than you would get on your own if you use a contractor we have worked with often.
What are the Maintenance Services?
We offer light bulb changing, maintain fire extinguisher, adjusting light timers, planting plants, gutter cleaning, and much more.